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5-Day Online Preparatory Course for Becoming a Shumei Jyorei Practitioner

at 2pm or 6:30pm on June 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th

Link to Registration:

The intention of this 5-Day Intensive course is to assist people to be in spiritual service to the world. The instructor is Sensei Alan Imai of Shumei International Institute.

Jyorei is a healing art that, by focusing spiritual Light, gradually penetrates and dissolves the spiritual clouds that cause physical, emotional, and personal dilemmas. ‘Jyorei’ mean “purification of the spirit” in Japanese.

at 2pm or 6:30pm on June 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4thand 5th

Each session will take about 1~1.5 hours

Registration is free for first class to give you the opportunity to try the class out,

then $75.00 for second class to continue to last (5th) class.

Technical requirement: computer or smart phone to be able to use for a Zoom meeting

 5-Day Online Preparatory Course for Becoming a Shumei   Jyorei Practitioner 

Day 1 - Jyorei

            What is Jyorei and where does it come from?             What is the nature of Jyorei?             What does Jyorei do?             What is the primary purpose of Jyorei?             Who created Jyorei?             How does Jyorei work?             What is an Ohikari and what does it do?             What is at the very heart of Ohikari?             How can one receive an Ohikari and begin to share Jyorei? Day 2 - Meishusama             Who is Meishusama?             What is significant about June 15th, 1931? Day 3 - Shumei             What is Shumei?             What is the meaning of the word ‘Shumei’? Who are Kaishusama, Mikotosama, and Kaicho-Sensei?             What are Shumei’s three main activities?             What is Shumei’s Core Belief?             What is the primary goal of Shumei?             How does Shumei work towards this goal?             What are Shumei’s Three Main Chants?             How is Shumei related to Shinto and Buddhism?             What are Shumei’s Three Sacred Grounds, and what spiritual element does each one correspond to?             What is the museum that Shumei created?             What is the role of art and beauty in Shumei?             What is a ‘Citizen of the World’? Day 4 - Life and Death             What’s happen to us after death?             Where is the spiritual world and how is it arranged?             The Law of Spiritual Precedence             Does life have a purpose?             Reincarnation             What is the soul?             How does karma affect the soul?             What are Spiritual Cords?             Spiritual Radiations and Aura Day 5 - Spiritual Clouds and Purification             What are Spiritual Clouds?             Where do they come from?             What do they do? The Law of Purification How does Meishusama explain human suffering? Does this mean that human suffering is beneficial? What are the best ways to handle suffering? What are the two basic ways to purify spiritual clouds? What is Toku energy?

Link to Registration:


Alan joined the spiritual organization Shinji Shumeikai in 1976 and was attracted to, and excelled at, the Natural Agriculture philosophy which Mokichi Okada, founder of Shinji Shumeikai, advocated. He continues to participate and promote all tenets of the Shumei philosophy while fulfilling his role in world wide Natural Agriculture efforts.              From 1996 onwards Alan avidly participated in all Natural Agriculture activities and served as the International Coordinator of Shumei’s partnership with The Rodale Institute, The Center for Regenerative Studies, and the College of Agriculture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  In 1999 he was involved in the establishment of the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Colorado, a non-profit corporation created to promote spiritual growth through interfaith activities, the practice of Natural Agriculture, and sponsorship of cultural events.  Now he enthusiastically introduces Shumei Natural Agriculture as a way of life to communities around the world including Zambia, Madagascar, Brazil, Nepal and the Philippines.  He is currently serves as Executive Director of the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Colorado.   He also serves as director of Shumei International’s Natural Agriculture global programs.


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