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The Shumei International Institute, being the third of three sacred sites in the Shumei organization worldwide, also serves as an important member of the Shumei America community in the U.S.. 
It hosts member and staff retreats, fabulous and active arts programs and one of the longest term and most established Natural Agriculture programs in the U.S.  
Shumei America, headquartered in Pasadena CA, oversees five other Centers across the country
as well as many home centers throughout the U.S.
For more information about Shumei America and to locate a center near you in the US click here

Shumei America’s Vision Statement:

Shumei creates heaven on earth by fostering health, happiness, and harmony for all.

Shumei America’s Mission Statement 

Shumei promotes the healing of body, mind, and spirit through Jyorei, Natural Agriculture,

and the appreciation of Art and Beauty.

Shumei America’s Core Values

Love for Others: treating others with love and compassion


Gratitude: appreciating all that we receive


Makoto: acting with honesty and integrity

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