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Thank you for your support!

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Shumei encourages a global change towards the goal of an idyllic world. This great change requires all of us to change and evolve in body, mind, and spirit. Shumei’s practices and observances are used to support this deeply personal and widely global transformation and to promote further community growth.
Since 2002 Shumei International Institute has been providing opportunities for gardening, arts, and jyorei in the Crestone area and beyond.  Classes, performances and energy healing
are all made possible by generous donations and volunteers.
Thousands have benefited from these offerings. We graciously accept donations and thank you for your support.

And now you can choose where your donation goes! Click the button below and select the drop down menu to choose.
General Donations, Art Programs, Natural Agriculture or Crestone's up to you!

Or mail a donation to
Shumei International Institute
PO Box 998,
Crestone, CO 81131
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