18th Anniversary Celebration


Shumei International Institute

 May Sat. 16th, Sun. 17th 2020


Thank you for your particpation

We had great sucsess on our Anniversary Celebration

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Shumei International Institute’s 18th Anniversary

For 18 years Shumei International Institute has called Crestone home.
We celebrate every year because we are so very grateful for our community, 
this landscape and the beauty that resides in both.
While we would love nothing more than to celebrate with you and our friends
from around the globe in person, we are grateful for modern technologies
that allow us to connect in other ways. Love and Light know no boundaries...

Saturday May 16th at 5:45pm

We will be live streaming our annual World Peace Prayer Sampai.

Join us with thousands of Shumei centers 
and individuals from around the globe 
as we pray for world peace, together from home. 

Sunday May 17th at 10:30am

We will be live streaming our18th Anniversary Sampai.
Please join us as we celebrate 18 years of community,

love and light.

© 2020 by Shumei International Institute

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