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The Shumei International Institute
in Crestone Colorado

On a thirty-five acre site, high in the Sangre de Christo Mountains of the San Luis Valley in Colorado, Shinji Shumeikai has created a new spiritual center. Shumei was drawn to this location by its natural beauty and spiritual energy. Other spiritual and religious groups from throughout the world also have felt this special place’s allure and built ashrams, monasteries, and retreat centers at Crestone.
It is our desire to become an active participant in this vital community.




The Crestone Center
is the home of the Shumei International Institute (SII), a newly established non-profit corporation created to promote spiritual growth through interfaith activities, the practice of Natural Agriculture, and the sponsorship of cultural events.

Similar to Shumei’s Kishima Island in Japan, the Crestone Center will serve as a retreat for Shumei’s members. The site also will be an international venue for cultural, environmental, spiritual, and interfaith activities. In addition, symposia focusing on Shumei’s special concern with art*, spirituality*, and the environment* will be hosted at this facility.

Visiting the Shumei International Institute

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Shumei International Institute
3000 East Dream Way Road P.O.Box 998 Crestone, CO 81131-0998