Shumei International is happy to host Ted Kinsman this Sunday November 4that 3pm. There is a $10 suggested donation at the door.


Ted started his current musical journey right here in Crestone, many years ago.

In his words” The Crestone vibration was a wonderful energy in which to begin playing the music that would ultimately transform me. After leaving, I ended up in Ladakh teaching English at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. There I would sing the “Medicine Buddha” and while I am not sure they knew what to do with my version of the chant, those lovely and polite people listened with glee.”


After returning to the States, Ted embarked on a “sound healing” journey where he would accompany restorative yoga classes with guitar, brass and crystal bowls, and an ocean of OM on the synth. He shares, “The vibration would be immense from the yoga, the music, and the participants and it was there that I truly began to understand the power and healing capabilities of sound.”


“I remember participating in a “health day” at an elementary school and used brass bowls to demonstrate the use of vibration and sound to move energy in the spine. I would gently vibrate a bowl on a child’s chakra and will never forget the excitement of the little ones as they experienced the energy.“


“Often during those years I would find a cabin in the mountains and hunker down for the winter and work on the music. One evening I was playing in my living room and just as I was beginning a new Sanskrit verse, English lyrics jumped in, unannounced, and fit perfectly. Subsequently, the combination of English and Sanskrit has become the norm in my songs.”


“My wish is that through this music, you will have moments of clarity and will feel the same energy that those beautiful kids experienced on “Health Day”. Truly, that would make me smile. “


Please join us on November 4that 3pm for an experience in sound. For more information visit www.shumeicrestone.orgor call 719-256-5284.