Desiree Faraci’s work will be on display at the Shumei Gallery in Crestone for the month of October. A symposium with Desiree will be held this Sunday October 21st starting a 3pm. A reception will follow.
Desiree (Desi) Faraci has a unique and expressive style of painting. Her appreciation for art began in her childhood in upstate New York. She considers her love to create a trait inherited from her father, Nicholas Faraci, who was an oil painter for over 25 years. Desiree herself has been a professional artist since 1989.

Desi was the owner of two art galleries and the founder of Dragonfly Productions International Inc.,established in 2000, offering fine art sales and art consulting services to corporate and private clients in North Carolina. When she moved to Florida she took a needed break from the art world to raise her two children. At that time, she became a hand drum percussion facilitator, teaching music to the local community.
Airbrushing is Desi’s original medium. These days however, she overlays acrylics with oils using a palette knife technique. Portraits of Native themes are subjects she admires most. Her passion includes painting portraits, abstracts and landscapes. Many recent works are inspired by her journeys to Central America and the Wild West of America. Her main objective as an artist is to create a body of work that grabs the attention of the viewer to create an emotional response.

Desiree’s art and business has been published in international magazines such as Art Business News, Art World News, Décor Magazine, MD News and more. Her art and design have been collected by a wide variety of clients from biotech facilities, doctor’s offices to private patrons. Desi now resides with her family in the rural San Luis Valley of Colorado. She with her husband, Greg, are the owners and operators of Mandala Pizza in Crestone, CO offering New York style pizza as a 4thgeneration baker. You can connect with Desi on her Facebook by typing the search name, Desi Faraci or Faraci Studios or by calling 719-480-5121.

The paintings exhibited this month will be a mix of current works, past projects as well as treasured pieces from her private collection through a variety of subjects from portraits to abstracts to landscapes.

Come meet Desiree and learn more about her work on Sunday October 21ststarting at 3pm to 5pm. This event is free to the public, please visit www.shumeicrestone.orgor call 256-5284 for more information. Please call the office to confirm the office is open.

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