Each year in the Autumn Shumei America, the Shumei International Institute’s (SII) sister organization in America holds a fundraising campaign.  This campaign pays for Shumei America’s single biggest public event of the year, it’s anniversary celebration held in Pasadena, California. In addition to that event, the fundraising campaign is also the source of Shumei America’s annual budget. SII which as an extension of Shumei’s worldwide headquarters in Japan and a sacred pilgrimage site, receives its budget from generous donors in Japan, whereas Shumei America is responsible for its own budget.


Reflecting back on 40 years since Shumei America received its status as a non profit religious organization in 1978, when Eugene Imai, currently president literally went door to door to plant the seeds of Shumei in America, there have been many milestones. Without the decades of hard work, dedication and devotion of thousands of people who made Shumei America what it is today, there would be no Shumei International Institute.  SII would like to encourage our local friends and members who enjoy the facilities, programs and activities that the Crestone Center organizes to support our sister organization Shumei America.


We realize most people may not know about the internal structure and history of Shumei in the United States.  We are grateful for the decades of work that lay the cornerstone that allowed the Crestone Center to also grow and flourish.  We encourage those who are able to please donate to support SII’s sister organization during their Autumn fundraising campaign.  Checks payable to Shumei America or cash donations can be made at SII’s Crestone Center and donations can also be made online at:  https://shumeiamerica.wixsite.com/shumeiamerica26/annual-fundraiser


What matters is not how much, what matters is gratitude and intention.  Thank you for your consideration and generosity in supporting Shumei’s activities in the U.S.