Jyorei Practitioner Retreat Intensive

at Shumei International Institute

Crestone, CO

Thursday, 6th – Sunday, 9th     September 2018

The intention of this Retreat Workshop is to assist people to be in Spiritual Service to the World as a Shumei Jyorei Practitioner.

Jyorei is a healing art that by focusing spiritual light gradually penetrates and dissolves the spiritual clouds that cause physical, emotional, and personal dilemmas. “Jyorei” means “purification of the spirit.

Registration Offering (including 9 meals)       $390

(Limited to 10 People)

Meals will be made from Natural Agriculture & Organic Ingredients

Accommodation (*Optional)

Standard    $30 X 3 night  = $90

Early Bird   $20 X 3 night  = $60

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Call: 719-256-5284


( Schedule may change)


Registration       Thursday, September 6th


5:00 PM                 Registration at Office Building     (Hoji Tea & snacks)    ( – 5:45 PM)


6:00 PM                 Evening Chanting Service & Jyorei   (Sanctuary)


6:30 PM                 Dinner with  welcoming speech


Orientation for Program & Facility  (Mountain View)


Day 1                Friday,  September 7th


7:30 AM                 Meditation in the Sanctuary

8:00 AM                 Morning Chanting Service & Jyorei

8:30 AM                 Japanese Radio Stretching Exercise    (4 min. outside of Sanctuary)


8:35 AM                 Breakfast    (Food Service Building)


9:15 AM                “Oneness”    talk by  Sensei Alan Imai                       (Sanctuary)


Break    (20 min.)


10:50 PM               Session I               (Sanctuary)

    About Shumei, Meishusama, Kaishusama, and

Shumei’s Three Activities (Jyorei, Art & Beauty & Natural Agriculture)


Video “The Spirit of Ohikari”


12:00 PM                Lunch    (at the Food Service Building)


1:30 PM                 “Jyorei”     (Gallery)

Understanding about Jyorei


Break    (20 min.)


3:00 PM                  “Experiencing Art”                           (Mountain View)

                                          Japanese Tea Ceremony

Ikebana – Japanese Flower Arrangement


5:00 PM                   “Solo” Meditation & Free Time in Nature


6:00 PM                    Evening Chanting Service & Jyorei


6:30 PM                    Dinner     (Food Service Building)


Day 2              Saturday,  September 8th


7:30 AM                 Meditation in the Sanctuary

8:00 AM                 Morning Chanting Service & Jyorei   (Sanctuary)

8:30 AM                 Japanese Radio Stretching Exercise  (4 min. Outside of Sanctuary)


8:35 AM                 Breakfast   (Food Service Building)


9:15 AM                 Session II                               (Sanctuary)

The Underlying Philosophy of Jyorei                                                                                                        

The Law of Spiritual Precedence, The Law of Purification,

The Great Transformation from Night to Day


Break    (20 min.)


10:50 AM                 Ohikari & Jyorei  (1)              (Sanctuary)


12:00 PM                Lunch           (Food Service Building)


1:30 PM                 “Shumei Natural Agriculture in America & Zambia”   (Gallery)

Video-   Natural Agriculture on Every Table  (10 min.)

Zambia Project 2004-2015  (10 min.)                   & Discussion


Garden Tour


3:40 PM                 “In Nature”             (Shumei Camp Site)


“Solo” Meditation & Free Time in Nature

Evening Chanting & Jyorei in Nature (5:00 PM)

BBQ Dinner                 (Campfire)

Campfire Conversation Circle, Q & A



Day 3  (Last Day)       Sunday , September 9th 



8:00 AM                 Morning Chanting


8:20 AM                 Breakfast   (Food Service Building)


9:00 AM                “Ohikari & Jyorei (2) ”        (Gallery)


Break (20 min.)


10:20 AM               Preparation for Ceremony          (Sanctuary)


11:00 AM               Monthly Sampai  & “Ohikari Reception Ceremony”      (Sanctuary)


12:15 PM               Community Lunch   (Food Service Building)


1:30 PM               “Closing”        (Food Service Building)


End by 2:30 PM