We still have room for

1-5 people in a cozy, intimate setting


“Change yourself. Change the world. With one gratitude at a time.”


December 7th – 9th

3 Day Intensive – Learn About Jyorei


The intention of this 3 Day Intensive is to assist people to be in Spiritual Service to the World

as a Shumei Jyorei Practitioner.

Jyorei is a healing art that by focusing spiritual light gradually penetrates and dissolves

the spiritual clouds that cause physical,
emotional, and personal dilemmas. “Jyorei” means “purification of the spirit.


Check in between 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM   Thursday, December 6th

Program: Friday, 7th – Sunday, 9th  (We will end by 2:30 PM)   

*If you can not arrive in time for Check in, please contact our office.

Registration Offering (including 8 meals)       $390

(Limited to 5 People)

Meals will be made from Natural Agriculture & Organic Ingredients

Accommodation (*Optional)

Standard    $30 X 3 night  = $90

Early Bird   $20 X 3 night  = $60

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