Shumei International is happy host Bob Slaughter, also known as Bobs Laughter, on Sunday August 26th at 3pm. There is a $10 suggested donation at the door.

Bob weaves a sense of one love consciousness and reverence for our Mother Earth into the fabric of his songs as his music moves through the genres of reggae, folk, afro, rock & new grass/country. In this time of divisiveness, Bob’s music serves as a bridge.

Bob has blossomed into a prolific songwriter, painting poetic perspectives of conscious possibilities for our planetary situation, woven in musical and harmonious complexities.

From garage bands of the 60s, to the back to the land movement of the 70s, exodus from Dallas – organic gardening, solar energy experiments, hippy community, midwifery, babies. As Bob carried his guitar into the woods, reggae emerged as the conscious musical expression for the people of the world. As the new millennium unfolded, an eclectic reality blossomed into vast musical genres & fusions. And music, still as much as ever, is the weapon of choice, continuing to express universal truths and sounding the call for conscious change. And the back beat of reggae still courses through the veins of Bob’s music.

Please join us on August 26th at 3pm for an afternoon of excellent entertainment. For more information visit or call 719-256-5284.